Lumiere Editions

Fine Art Printmaking

LUMIERE specializes in museum-quality exhibition printing and high-resolution drum scanning. We offer archival pigment prints on a variety of fine art and photographic papers up to 64 x 120 inches.

Our studio is a small, quiet space where we work closely with artists in a collaborative environment. More than just printers, we’re facilitators and problem solvers who assist artists in finding diverse means with which to express their ideas. In addition to scanning and printing, our services include:

• Digital compositing, restoration, and retouching.

• Digital file preparation and proofing for magazine and book publication (please see our website heading ‘Book Projects’ for examples).

• Design of ultra-large format graphics installations ranging in size from 8x10-foot murals to the facades of entire buildings. Barbara Kruger’s artwork Shafted takes up the entire elevator shaft in LACMA’s BCAM building, Belief + Doubt fills an entire floor at the Hirschhorn Museum, and Thinking of You. I Mean Me. I Mean You filled MOMA’s atrium in 2022, These are key examples among dozens of similar projects.

Established in 2003 by Chip and Lara Leavitt, Lumiere has produced prints, portfolios, and entire exhibitions for artists and photographers throughout the world. In 2014 we moved both print production and corporate offices to Silver City, New Mexico, and expanded our services to include the restoration and reproduction of historical photographs. 

grosbeak, 2021, by Thomas Demand