High-Resolution Drum Scanning

LUMIERE utilizes an Aztek Premier 8000 drum scanner for high-resolution scanning of film originals up to 8x10 inches. Capable of scanning up to 8000 dpi, the Aztek Premier is considered one of the best and most versatile drum scanners still available on the market, providing exceptional sharpness, dynamic range, and color gamut.

MASTER EXHIBITION SCANS • $1.00 per mb, 100 mb minimum ($100)

Our Exhibition scans are designed for ultra-critical applications where color match, density, and crop must meet exacting requirements. To provide maximum highlight and shadow detail, these scans do not meet absolute white and black point settings unless requested otherwise. Scans are cropped to the film rebate and cleaned of both scan-based artifacts (dust) as well as minor film-based artifacts. Charges for cleaning major film-based artifacts (clip marks damage, etc.) are quoted on a per image basis. 

• PLEASE NOTE Scan pricing is based on RGB 8 or 16-bit file sizes at the requested output dimensions. Scans are provided tagged or untagged and are usually oversized as a matter of practice and at no additional charge.

TURN-AROUND TIMES are quoted on a per-job basis.


••• 8.5x11 Exhibition Proofs are available for $75 each.

••• 11x14 Exhibition Proofs are available for $100 each.

• CD/DVD TRANSFER Scans are transferred to Verbatim CDs or DVDs or uploaded to Sync at no charge. Additional copies are available at $10 per CD and $15 per DVD. MAMA-A Gold Archive CDs are available for $20 each and DVD-R for $25 each. SanDisc Flash drives are available upon request.

• CMYK SCANS While we do not natively scan into CMYK, we would be happy to convert your RGB scan to ANSI SWOP CMYK at no extra charge. Due to the numerous variables involved in offset printing, however, we suggest that you first consult your prepress or offset printing technical specialist before requesting conversion to CMYK.

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